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Listes des documents edité pour des conférences de vulgarisations scientifiques

TItreAuteur(s)icone de triTypeAnnée
Molecular characterization and classification of the ciguatera dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus. Chinain M, Revel T, Faust MA, Holmes MJ, Ung A, Pauillac SPoster02/2000
FITC-conjugated lectins as a tool for differentiating between various Polynesian strains of the ciguatera-causing dinoflagellate, Gambierdiscus spp.Chinain M, Wong O, Darius HT, Revel T, Cruchet PPoster09/2006
Leptospirosis: A public health problem in French Polynesia.Coudert C, Beau F, Jarno P, Berlioz APoster09/2005
Application of the receptor-binding assay to ciguatera risk assessment : monitoring of toxigenic phytoplankton, fish and marine invertebrates in various toxic localities in French Polynesia.Darius HTCommunication orale11/2007
Country Report from French Polynesia.Darius HTCommunication orale06/2002
Evaluation of ciguatera risk in Raivavae islands (Australes archipelago) and Fakarava atoll (Tuamotu archipelago) in French Polynesia from 2007 - 2011Darius HT, Pawlowiez R, Caillaud A, Tchou Fouc M, ung A, Cruchet P, Revel T, Laurent D, Chinain MCommunication orale11/2011
Accumulation and transmission of algal ciguatoxins along the food chain in a ciguatoxic site of Tahiti (French Polynesia).Darius HT, Revel T, Cruchet P, Chateau-Degat ML, Ung A, Tchou Fouc M, Chinain MPoster11/2004
The receptor binding assay as a tool for the monitoring of ciguatera risk in French Polynesia atolls.Darius HT, Revel T, Cruchet P, Tchou Fouc M, Chinain MPoster11/2004
The situation of ciguatera fish poisoning in French Polynesia from 2000 to 2004.Darius HT, Revel T, Ung A, Cruchet P, Tchou Fouc M, Chinain MPoster09/2006
The Receptor Binding Assay, a very useful tool for Ciguatera risk assessment programs in French Polynesia.Darius HT, Ung A, Tchoufouc M, Revel T, Cruchet P, Laurent D, Villiers L, Chinain MCommunication orale10/2008
Application of the Receptor Binding Assay for the evaluation of ciguatera risk in French Polynesia.Darius HT, Ung A, Tchoufouc M, Revel T, Cruchet P, Villiers L, Pauillac S, Laurent D, Chinain MPoster03/2009
Application of the receptor binding assay to ciguatera risk assessment in French PolynesiaDarius T, Pawlowiez R, Laurent D, Ponton D, Mallet PH, Chinain MCommunication orale08/2010
Phytochemical analysis and potent antioxydant, cytotoxic and pro-apoptotic activities from the tropical marine brown alga Chnoospora minima (Hering) papenfuss from the French Polynesia islands, South Pacific. Deslandes E, Adam F, Lemoine M, Fabre MS, Mayalen Z, Plougerne E, Vahirua-Lechat I, Berthou C, Payri CPoster09/2007
Océan et Santé. Dewailly ECommunication orale09/2005
Ocean and human health.Dewailly ECommunication orale08/2005
L’exposition fœtale au mercure en Polynésie française.Dewailly ECommunication orale11/2005
Fish Consumption and Health in French Polynesia.Dewailly E, Chateau-Degat ML, Julien P, Weber JP, Chansin RPoster01/2006
Benthic cyanobacterial mats in tropical lagoons.Echenique I, Villeneuve A, Laurent D, Chinain M, Humbert JF, Turquet J, Gugger MPoster03/2012
Intérêt de l'exploration des séquelles chroniques associées aux intoxications de type ciguatéra.Gatti C, Legrand AMPoster12/2007
Chronic neurological symptoms and disorders occasionally associated with seafood poisonings occuring in french polynesia : a 5 case-explorationGATTI C, MAURS L, RIHET S, LEGRAND AMPoster04/2010