Fatal leptospirosis and chikungunya co-infection: do not forget leptospirosis during chinkungunya outbreaks.

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2016
Authors  Nhan, T.; Bonnieux, E.; De Pina, J. J.; Musso, D.
Journal Title  IDCases
Volume  5
Issue  12-4
Journal Date  2016

In endemic areas, leptospirosis can be missed by erroneous clinical or laboratory diagnosis of arboviroses or co-infections with arboviruses and an increase in mortality due to leptospirosis has already been reported during arboviruses outbreaks. During the French Polynesian chikungunya virus outbreak in 2014-2015, two leptospirosis and chikungunya co-infections were reported, one of which was fatal. Diagnosis of leptospiroses was delayed in the context of chikungunya outbreak. In the context of arbovirus outbreak, the risk of misdiagnosis of leptospirosis is maximum and clinicians should initiate early antibiotic therapy if leptospirosis is suspected. A delayed diagnosis of leptospirosis can be responsible for fatal outcome. Leptospirosis should be considered even if dengue or chikungunya virus infections are confirmed by reference molecular testing.

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