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Baud, D.; Musso, D.; Vouga, M.; Alves, M.P.; Vulliemoz, N. (2017) Zika virus: a new threat to human reproduction , American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 77, 2, doi: 10.1111/aji.12614 Abstract
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Baud, D.; Gerardin, P.; Merriam, A.; Alves, M. P.; Musso, D.; Genton, B.; Panchaud, A. (2016) Congenital Zika syndrome: time to harness shared data centralized in an international registry , BMJ, 354, doi: (Published 13 September 2016) Abstract
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Vouga, M.; Alves, M. P.; Eperon, I.; Eperon, G.; Rochat, L.; Sahli, R.; Musso, D.; Baud, D. (2016) Virus Zika: de la recherche au vaccin , Revue Medicale Suisse, 12, 1-4
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